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Before SafetyQube

Multiple basic tools to track hazards, incidents and actions

Manual preparation of metrics, KPIs and analysis. Lack of real time insights

Limited photo / video evidence of hazards, incidents & unsafe practices 

Paper-based inspections, checks and risk assessments

Limited traceability of preventive actions taken &  resolutions implemented 

No transparent mechanism to encourage safe  behaviours and capture feedback

Manual follow up  of status updates on hazards, incidents and inspections

Last minute scramble for records before external audits and certifications

Limited data to perform analytics and identify actionable trends

Many hazards and risks go unreported resulting in lost time and claims

After SafetyQube

One unified, best in class EHS software solution to manage all health ands safety processes 

One place to record, manage and track hazards, actions, incidents and related evidence

Automated preparation of KPIs and analysis for real-time visibility

Digitised checks, audits, inspections and risk assessments. No paperwork

Store all EHS documentation in one place. No more last minute scrambling before audits

Drive individual-level EHS actions and follow-up through system generated reminders and notifications

Share best practices and encourage safe behaviours through positive reinforcement mechanisms

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