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Comprehensive Solution

Contains 8 core modules to manage your Health & Safety processes

Admin module to configure and manage system

Realtime analytics and dashboards at your fingertips

High configurability and flexibility

Integrations with ERPs, HR systems and other systems supported

Incident & Accident Management

Build and set up your customised incident / accident forms in just minutes


Raise incidents and accidents and instantly notify relevant people


Capture relevant details (pictures, videos, witness statements, signatures etc)

Carry out investigation and causal analysis


Build action plan, drive corrective & preventive actions

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Near Misses, Hazards & Observations

Set up your own forms for near misses, non-conformities, hazards, unsafe observations etc

Raise near misses and other issues. Notify relevant people and capture details (pictures, videos etc)


Take immediate action to prevent major incidents


Notify and manage escalations through email, sms and in-app notifications



Audits, Inspections and Checklists

Create any custom audit, inspection or checklist template (e.g fire safety inspection, ISO 45001 audit)


Schedule and assign audits & inspections to your teams


Complete inspections / audits and automatically score them


Easily identify non-compliant items, develop recommendations and track action plan


Manage approval flows and signatures


Documentation Management

Upload and store all EHS / HSE related documents in one place (e.g. policies, certificates, procedures)


Manage document versions, release dates, validity and expiry

Approve, link, share and distribute documents

Revise and archive documents

Automate notifications prior to and upon expiry of documents


Risk Assessments

Build custom risk assessment templates

Manage risk ratings (severity and likelihood)

Schedule and execute risk assessments

Add sequence of operations and method statements

Develop action plans - Assign and track actions

Manage approvals and sign offs

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Safety Tasks

Raise and track any health and safety related task

Link tasks to inspections, incidents, near misses and action plans

Assign priorities, complete tasks and manage notifications


Dashboards & Analytics

Automatically generate Incident / Accident KPIs and Metrics

Track inspection / audit completion trends and actions

Share Near miss KPIs and Metrics real time with leadership and wider organisation

Review ready-made deep dive analytics and insights



Download and share incident, near miss and inspections data into spreadsheets anytime


Create your own analysis to complement our built-in dashboards

Download pdf documents of reports and records


Action Management

Track and manage all open, closed, overdue and upcoming actions

Set up notifications, reminders and escalations

Link actions to one another


Encourage employees

Recognise employees for displaying safe behaviours through a simple points system and leaderboard


Empower employees to raise and resolve hazards and incidents


Track individual level contribution to EHS program

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