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SafetyQube is customised to various industry sectors

Food, Drinks and Consumer Goods

High speed, automated making and packing lines are common in FMCG and come with their own set of people safety hazards and risks. Risk to brand reputation caused by incidents, injuries, fatalities and product safety (e.g. microbiological hazards, contamination, incorrect additive, foreign particles etc) issues is high . SafetyQube enables consumer goods companies to manage all these elements effectively through custom features.

Food and Consumer Goods

Chemicals and Pharma

Product and process safety risks can be multifold in Chemicals and Pharma compared to other industries given this industry deals with sensitive ingredients, reactive and sometimes hazardous substances. SafetyQube’s various features along with checks, inspections, audits, risk assessments and safety data sheets management are highly relevant for this industry.

Science Lab
Car Factory

Heavy Industrials and Engineering

Heavy engineering industries have higher safety incidents, injury and fatalities rate relative to other manufacturing industries as major hazards like contact with moving machinery, fall from heights, moving objects and vehicles, lifting & carrying hazards all co-exist in this sector. SafetyQube helps with a systemic approach to hazard identification, risk assessment, safety audits, root cause analysis and data analytics to prevent incidents.

Light Industrials (Electronics, Packaging, OEM components etc)

Discrete manufacturing industries have challenges in attracting and retaining skilled workforce. Providing a highly safe and secure environment is key to retaining workforce. SafetyQube empowers the workforce and engages them to positively contribute to building a safety culture. SafetyQube makes life easier for the workforce by doing away with non-value added administrative activities.

Components Inside of Mobile Phone
Metal Tubes

Other Metallic and Non-Metallic Industries

Products manufactured might vary but safety hazards, risks and EHS processes are largely common across companies. SafetyQube enables you to automate hazard capture, incident management, inspections and risk assessments thereby freeing up time to focus on resolving hazards and taking actions before incidents happen. SafetyQube is totally customisable to your industry whether you are in steel, textiles, furniture, recycling or even making rocket ships.

Warehousing and Logistics

Warehousing and logistics industry has numerous safety hazards like handling related musko-skeletal disorders, moving vehicles, lifting, loading and unloading, vehicle failures, falling objects, working at heights, falls and slips, fire, dangerous goods etc. Ability to identify and resolve hazards, educate and train employees, provide real time updates, encourage safe behaviours are all critical. SafetyQube has comprehensive features to support the warehousing industry.

Container Yard
Building Under Construction


Construction engineers and workers are exposed to numerous hazards and risks everyday in their jobsite. Hazards related to fall from heights, scaffolds, lifting and moving operations, slips and trips, electrical and fire hazards, collapse, noise and vibration and protecting the public all exist. SafetyQube has a number of construction specific checklists and assessments to help you to dynamically manage and ensure a safe work environment.

Buildings and Facilities

Buildings and facilities give the impression there ought to be fewer hazards and risks compared to a factory or a construction site. Buildings and facilities often have hundreds or even thousands of people in them at any time. Fire hazards, evacuation challenges, working at heights, machinery like elevators, escalators, generators, visitor and contractor safety, security all need to managed. SafetyQube makes EHS management super easy for large buildings and facilities.

Tall Building
Chemicals and Pharma
Heavy Industrials and Engineering
Light Industrials
metallic and non-metallic Industries
Warehousing and Logistics
Buildings and Facilities
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Hotels, resorts, attractions, airports, cruise ships all have significant safety challenges. In addition to employee safety, the safety of guests, visitors and equipments is paramount. Clear set of checks, inspections, standard operating procedures, first aid and emergency response procedures can be managed through SafetyQube while identifying weaknesses and areas of improvements.

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